Interview met Donna Freitas, auteur van Unplugged!

Een tijdje geleden las ik Unplugged, een interessant boek over een virtuele appwereld waar een meisje uit probeert te breken. Dit boek wekt veel vragen bij je op over technologie en de toekomst en het leek mij heel gaaf om Donna Freitas te spreken. Ik mag van geluk spreken, want namens Blossom Books mocht ik Donna Freitas vijf vragen stellen. Al snel probeerde ik de meest originele vragen voor haar te bedenken en zie hier het resultaat! Ik heb de vragen en antwoorden in het Engels gehouden, aangezien ik niet wil dat er enige veranderingen zijn als ik het vertaal (en daarbij is het niveau van het Engels niet lastig).


1. If you have to put one of your characters from Unplugged in a book from another author, who would you pick, and which book would it be?

What a fun question! No one has ever asked me anything else like it before. But a difficult question. Let’s see . . .

Well, I just read the most wonderful, wonderful novel (well, the advanced reading copy of it) called Caraval by a debut author named Stephanie Garber. It’s unbelievably inventive and the world she creates (it’s for a game) is surreal and imaginative, complicated and confusing (in the most interesting way). I’d love for Garber’s protagonist, Scarlett to do a study abroad in the App World and for Skylar to study abroad in the world of Caraval. I wonder how Skylar would fair in the game that Garber creates after growing up in the weird and virtual world of Apps!

2. You don’t have apps on your phone and you really don’t want to get into the App World, but I want to you tell me three good sides about the App World, which would that be?

Oh, I think there are lots of good things in the App World, first among them getting to download Apps to your body and mind! How fun would that be, at least for a while? Just imagine the possibilities. I also think it would be fun to mind-chat with your best friend, as Skylar and Inara do, and just be present to all the constant spectacle of the App World as well.

3. If Skye would take part in The Hunger Games, would she survive?

What another great question! Well, I think if the skills she learns from the App World also transfer into the Games, she would have a pretty good shot.

4. Skye and you are going to Hogwarts! In which Hogwarts houses would Skye and yourself be sorted in?

This is my favorite interview ever! What fun. Well, of course I would want to be in Gryffindor because that’s where all the exciting people are but I might be more of a Ravenclaw in reality. But I think that Skylar would fit nicely in Gryffindor.

5. Blossom Books organised National Unplugged Day in the Netherlands on the 3rd of September (if you joined, you were supposed to keep off of internet for a full day). What do you think of it, should we turn it into a international event where everyone world wide plugs out?

That’s so wonderful! I do think that we need to unplug now and then—I really do. People are so attached to their devices that we often never turn them off. For me to write, I need to unplug—I literally unplug the wifi from the wall for a few hours each morning. I can’t concentrate otherwise. But I think we need at least a little time away just to focus, to read, to dream, to have uninterrupted conversations. I don’t know if the lovely people at Blossom Books know this or not, but I still have a dumb phone! I’m resisting the smartphone as long as I can manage. I’m a bit of a conscientious objector to them. When I leave the house, I want to leave the online world behind.

Ik wil Blossom Books bedanken voor het stellen van deze vragen en natuurlijk Donna Freitas voor de leuke antwoorden op mijn vragen! Ik kan niet wachten om Donna Freitas te gaan zien op Yalfest, daar komt ze namelijk naartoe! Heb je Unplugged nog niet gelezen? Lees dan snel mijn recensie en wie weet kan jij dan ook het verhaal van Skye meemaken!

Wat voor vraag zou jij Donna Freitas willen stellen?

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  1. Wat een leuk interview! En wat super grappig dat zijzelf geen smartphone heeft, terwijl ze wel een hele virtuele wereld beschreven heeft. Ik had echt verwacht dat ze thuis met Virtual Reality brillen zou rondlopen, maar niet dus 😆

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